Sourcing magnetic products

Published on 08/14,2019

She went on to explain, "The guide offers everything from high power electromagnets, ferrite, NdFeB, ceramic and lifting magnets to a large variety of rare earth, SmCo, alnico and other types of magnet products for virtually every industry from advertising and medical to construction and industrial.S. Santos, over 40 additional magnet manufacturers, domestic and international, were added to the publication over the last month offering magnets in various shapes and configurations. and Asian buyers and suppliers of industrial supplies, machine tools, equipment and materials for the manufacturing community." Santos said WIM is accepting listings for magnet manufacturers and also has advertising opportunities for suitable vendors. Worldwide Industrial is a US-Asia industrial import and export trade portal created to connect U. The site includes offerings primarily from companies in the United States, China and India at This news release was distributed by IndustrialPR. "When it comes to sourcing magnetic products for the manufacturing and engineering community, Worldwide Industrial, as a division of the Industrial Leaders Group, is committed to being the marketplace thousands of companies turn to for locating a suitable magnet supplier serving their area," said Santos. Worldwide Industrial Marketplace (WIM), the US-Asia Import Export Trade Portal, publisher of 64+ industrial directories announced the debut of its all new Industrial Magnets Manufacturers Directory at. Worldwide Industrial spokesperson Maria Santos said the Industrial Magnets Directory is suitable for companies sourcing magnetic solutions for material handling, electronic, heavy lifting, construction, automotive, measuring & testing, advertising, medical & health, computer disks, consumer products, ID cards, credit cards, separators, video tapes, signage, toys, research & development, amusement park, item sorting and other applications at. The company, said the new publication will be fully launched on China DC Motors Tuesday, January 11th with offerings from manufacturers of custom and standard neodymium, rare earth and flexible magnets, ceramic, industrial, NdFeB (neodymium iron boon), ferrite, lifting, adhesive, electromagnets and high power magnets as well as alnico, SmCo (samarium cobalt) and magnetic assemblies.


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